Real Lives Saved

In an emergency, reliable and effective rescue equipment can be a lifeline. The Arixmed Choking Rescue Device is specifically designed for situations in which Heimlich first aid and back slaps have been unsuccessful.

We pray you never need our product, bou you never know when a choking hazard may happen, equip your home with ArixMed for peace of mind.


1-Min Saving Lives: ArixMed Choking Rescue Device


In the heart of a family gathering, where joy fills the air, the unforeseen reminds us of life's uncertainties. A heartfelt thank you goes out to the ArixMed Choking Rescue Device, an item I never thought we'd need. But last week, it saved my one-year-old son, Porter. He choked on a potato chip, face turning crimson, eyes filled with terror, yet unable to utter a sound. Panic set in, but my wife swiftly retrieved the ArixMed Device, securing the child-sized mask and following the steps. One press, one pull, and Porter breathed again, letting out a robust cry. Relief washed over us; our little one was safe!

This firsthand experience underscored the ArixMed Choking Rescue Device's significance. I ordered an extra one to keep in the car because you never know when it might be needed. 

ArixMed Choking Rescue Device: Saving a 75-Year-Old at Dinner

It was a serene evening in New York City. Robert, renowned for his love of Italian cuisine, suddenly found himself struggling to breathe, causing panic among nearby diners. Fortunately, his wife, Susan, sprang into action.

The restaurant had wisely equipped itself with an ArixMed Choking Rescue Device. A waitress rushed to the scene, carrying the device. She promptly applied the adult mask to Robert's face and, with remarkable simplicity, operated the device. One press, one pull, and the life-threatening obstruction on the airway was instantly dislodged.

This potential tragedy was averted thanks to the restaurant's proactive emergency readiness, the waitress's swift response, and the straightforward effectiveness of ArixMed. Once more, this incident underscores the crucial role of preparedness in saving lives during critical moments.

A Friend's Lifesaving Recommendation - A peace of mind

Jessica, a 28-year-old first-time mother, had a heart-to-heart conversation with her best friend, Sarah, a nurse, about child safety. Sarah recounted a terrifying incident she had witnessed at the hospital, where a child choked on a small toy part. She emphasized the importance of being prepared and recommended the ArixMed Choking Rescue Device.

Jessica, shaken by Sarah's story, decided to invest $60 in the device. She didn't want to take any chances with her 2-year-old daughter, Maya. One sunny afternoon, while Maya was playing, he accidentally swallowed a small piece of a toy. Panic set in, but Jessica, with the ArixMed device Sarah had recommended, stepped in swiftly. With a press and a pull, the device saved the day, and Maya's life. Jessica was forever grateful to her friend, Sarah, and the device that had become a trusted guardian.

ArixMed: Preparedness by a Doctor

Nicole, a 32-year-old pediatrician, is acutely aware of the risks children face, having encountered numerous emergencies in her profession. Her medical training instilled in her a sense of preparedness. While researching child safety products online, she stumbled upon the ArixMed Choking Rescue Device.

Recognizing its potential, Nicole spent $60 to purchase the device and placed it in her kitchen. One evening, while hosting a family gathering, her son, Alex, began choking on a piece of fruit. Without hesitation, Nicole grabbed the ArixMed device and swiftly cleared Alex's airway. Her family marveled at her quick thinking and the device's effectiveness. Nicole knew that being prepared made all the difference.

ArixMed: A Dad's Everyday Hero - #51 Life Saved


Mark, a 35-year-old father, recently added an unusual item to his dad toolkit - the ArixMed Choking Rescue Device. It all started when he saw a chilling ad not too long ago that sent shivers down his spine. The ad painted a picture of a child in deep distress, helpless parents, and then a miraculous rescue.

Though initially hesitant about the $60 purchase, Mark believed that being prepared was crucial, especially with his 3-year-old daughter, Emma, a curious little bundle of energy. One day, Emma excitedly picked up her mom's button-up shirt to play with. But suddenly, her excitement turned into silent struggle. Her face turned bright red, and Mark sensed something was amiss.

Thankfully, he had the ArixMed Choking Rescue Device prepared for years. Within seconds, the button from Emma's throat was successfully dislodged.

As he hugged Emma, who had been praying, Mark knew that his decision had saved her life. He couldn't help but share his story with other parents and encourage them to consider using ArixMed, the "everyday hero" every parent needs.

ArixMed Device's Grape-Choking Miracle - #48 Life Saved

On a sunny afternoon at the Thompsons' suburban home, Laura, a cautious mother of two, remembered a gripping ArixMed ad she'd seen months ago. It depicted a child choking, a desperate parent, and the life-saving ArixMed Choking Rescue Device.

That ad moved Laura to action. She bought the $60 ArixMed device, kept it in her kitchen, hoping she'd never need it. But life had a different plan.

A playful moment turned into a crisis when her 8-year-old daughter, Lily, choked on a grape. With ArixMed in hand, Laura acted swiftly. One press and pull later, the grape was expelled.

Lily, overwhelmed, cried in her mother's comforting arms.

Through tears and smiles, Laura's family realized the device, inspired by that haunting ad, was worth every penny. ArixMed Choking Rescue Device's swift performance made all the difference that day.


A Lifesaver at the Kids' Birthday Party - #45 Life Saved

Chicago, IL - It was Timmy's 4th birthday, and friends and family had gathered for a day of celebration. Little did they know that a plastic toy would turn this day into a heart-stopping moment.

Timmy accidentally swallowed a small plastic piece while playing. Timmy's aunt, Lisa, a 29-year-old schoolteacher, remembered she had the ArixMed Choking Rescue Device in her bag.

Lisa take out the device and stuck it to Timmy's mouth, and with a gentle whoosh, the plastic piece was dislodged. The birthday party, which had teetered on the edge of tragedy, was back to being filled with laughter and cake.


A Lifesaver at the Retirement Home - #41 Life Saved

Los Angeles, CA - At the Bright Horizons Retirement Home, residents were enjoying a Sunday brunch.

William, an 84-year-old retired firefighter, choked while sharing a tale during brunch. Despite attempts at back blows and the Heimlich maneuver, the obstruction persisted.

Nurse Emily, a 28-year-old trained, rushed to the scene with the ArixMed Choking Rescue Device. Tension filled the room as the device was applied. Suddenly, a gasp, a cough, and applause filled the room as the device cleared William's airway.

William, though shaken, owed his life to Nurse Emily and the ArixMed device. It was a dramatic demonstration of preparedness in a crisis.


Heroic Bystander Saves Choking Toddler with ArixMed Choking Rescue Device - #35

New York City, NY - A sunny afternoon in Central Park took a terrifying turn when one and a half years old Emma choked on a piece of sausage during a picnic.

John, a 32-year-old IT specialist and father of two, came to the rescue. With his ArixMed Choking Rescue Device in hand, John applied the device, placing it on Emma's mouth. With a gentle press and a quick pull, the sausage was dislodged from Emma's airway, saving Emma's life!

Tears of gratitude streamed down Emma's mother's face as she embraced John. On that sunny day in Central Park, he became a hero, safeguarding her precious daughter's life.